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Future Goal :A Cool Grandma

When people ask me “what the ideal image of yourself would be like”, I always say "A cool old lady with silver hair."

Most people think it’s weird because this might be the look girls want to be the least.

Back to my 24, I was walking in the street and thinking if I should buy some anti-aging eye cream and pondering which mall is the cheapest, then I met an astonishingly graceful lady who touched my heart.

She was around 50,silver hair end with light grey purple, wearing a Morandi color coat which just matched her hair and skin.

I met her eyes and then she was smiling at me, I could tell she really likes laughing from her wrinkles,even her freckles were glowing.

Just from that kind but firm eye contact, I felt calm and rethinking of the meaning of beauty, I'm not afraid of aging anymore.

I realized I also need to keep a clear brain from the cosmetic commercials which keep giving pressure to you only want to steal your money.

What I should anti is not aging but the anxiety.

Eventually, I bought anti-acne toner instead.

If life gives you lemons, put them into tequila.

Then make a toast "to life" back.


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