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INFINITI | Project Moonshot

INFINITI launched its QX60 as a symbol of the brand’s design distinction by celebrating their source of inspiration in Japanese nature. From textures to patterns to even the color, this car challenged the industry norms of binary black and white, or classic rectilinear metallic colors. Moonbow Blue is a color that changes from lilac, blue, grey and magenta depending on how the light falls on it - just like its inspiration in Japanese nature, the Moonbow.


The idea was to bring this inimitable story to life through an immersive experience. INFINITI in collaboration with Ouchhh Studio present ‘Project Moonshot’ [ムーンショット] - a data-enabled, design experiment that presents INFINITI QX60’s Moonbow Blue through a series of real-time generative art. Each artwork is ever-evolving using live Astro-data from NASA, Earth Observatory, IMSAL, Kaggle and other space research organizations. This experiment resulted in 16 distinctive art pieces as brand assets that can be activated in auto shows, retail spaces, design studios and outdoor. A truly once-in-a-blue-moon experience powered by data.

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