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1. Expression in Her Eyes

The client said:" The expression in this girl’s eyes is odd and a bit sarcastic, could you please change it a little bit, make her kind?"

So here is the evolution of her eyes.


2. Moon Bunny


3. Cooking

I thought cooking is the hardest thing for me in the world.

Eating is the easiest.

Last week, I made myself dinner, easily.

But tried so hard to eat them.

4.Cut Carbs

Since I quit sugar, life is so light,

Until I had Vietnam coffee with double condensed milk and extra syrup,

I got sick, couldn’t stop vomiting.

When you quit the temporary happiness, you would gain freedom.

You thought you would have an enjoyable reunion.

But it only makes you sick.

Like your ex.


5. Beard and Eyebrows

Women treat men’s beard like men treat women’s eyebrows.

Both important,

But both don’t care about each other, at all.

A man would compliment the other man’s beard,

A lady would compliment the other lady’s eyebrow.

It's the hair with pheromone which only transmits to the same gender.


6. Makeup tip

When you do your makeup, 

Remember to contour your brain as well,

Make it look less flat.

Like your face.

7. Exhibition

Everyone went to Shiota Chiharu's exhibition,

Except me

Because I am a rebellious girl.

Also, there is no free ticket for me from my company,

And I am no longer a student,

So I'm not going.

Gosh, I am a rebellious girl.


8. Good Art

Every time I see the excellent artwork,

Blood flow downward; butt is numb, then my thigh.



Cardio acceleration;


Some called: Hypoglycemia

The older you grow, the harder you get.

Cherish it.


Art teacher, David, and Arachnophobia

-Art Teacher-

A 5-year old me just lost my way to calligraphy class, I walked by a studio,somewhere mystical and creepy,and I do remember I saw a skull on the desk and a thumb in a jar, meanwhile, there were a group of kids sitting around a man with long hair, he seemed gentle, charming but also wacky. 

“Come and join us.” he said,then he gave me paper and a pencil and asked me to draw a doll, then I drew something like this:









“Lovely” he came to me and said, his aftershave smelled like pine tree and chalk. that was intoxicating.

“I'll stay here and quit my writing class.”

That was my lesson 1 - fine arts.



As a kid,the most boring art class is plaster statue drawing.

Instead of 'Alexander','Homer' and 'Voltaire',we named them 'moony','noodle hair' and 'grandma who has no teeth'.






The statue I hate the most is David.

I've been drawing every part of his body for years. because he is “perfection”





But nobody ever defines his penis as “standard model”.

“Maybe he was too nervous,he is about to fight then,” I thought.

What I heard later is in ancient Greek culture which was revived during the Renaissance, small penises represent rational, intellectual and authoritative which allowed men to remain coolly logical. 


My mom once thought I love David so much,so she bought me a meter tall David statue as a birthday gift,

He's still in my bedroom,that is one reason I don't want to get into my room anymore. 

Oh, David,a hero,the king of Israel,my sexual enlightenmemt,my nightmare.



Another nightmare in my design life is the Juicy Salif, the first lesson of many industrial designers.

Then one day when the first time I saw the giant spider statue, I thought it’s a peripheral product of that lemon squeezer, 

It’s not very friendly to the person who afraid of spiders, it’s like Ron meet Aragog in forbidden forest.






I was standing under the belly of the spider and imagining the juice drop down from his butt onto my face.

“Why they keep bothering spiders. it's not a great idea to relate spider to lemon."

Then I knew they are two different things, one from an artist and one from a designer, 

What’s the difference between art and design?

Maybe artists wouldn’t receive the feedback from picky customers like:” Hey, the “spider” I bought doesn’t squeeze juice very well!”

Art is what it is, could be good or bad, Their existence is the meaning.




Tryhard and Wannabe

Every art maker might through the “try-hard” process, 

They desperately wanted people to notice how personalized they are, 

The theme of their artworks was obscure and bizarre,

Usually full of bloody violence sex death, even any taboo makes them excited.

Those are like hashtags #look how cool I am#.

They were afraid of their emptiness and ignorant, 

So they built a shell to protect their superiority and pride.

I am one of them.

I was there and I’m still in, but I'm not sure if I wanna out.





Future Goal :A Cool Grandma

When people ask me “what the ideal image of yourself would be like”, I always say "A cool old lady with silver hair."

Most people think it’s weird because this might be the look girls want to be the least.


Back to my 24, I was walking in the street and thinking if I should buy some anti-aging eye cream and pondering which mall is the cheapest, then I met an astonishingly graceful lady who touched my heart.

She was around 50,silver hair end with light grey purple, wearing a Morandi color coat which just matched her hair and skin.

I met her eyes and then she was smiling at me, I could tell she really likes laughing from her wrinkles,even her freckles were glowing.

Just from that kind but firm eye contact, I felt calm and rethinking of the meaning of beauty, I'm not afraid of aging anymore.

I realized I also need to keep a clear brain from the cosmetic commercials which keep giving pressure to you only want to steal your money.

What I should anti is not aging but the anxiety.

Eventually, I bought anti-acne toner instead.


If life gives you lemons, put them into tequila.

Then make a toast "to life" back.

Van Halen and Brown M&Ms

 According to David Lee Roth, this was listed in the technical portion of the contract not because the band wanted to make capricious demands of the venue, but rather as a test of whether the venue had actually read and honored the terms of the contract, as it contained other requirements involving legitimate safety concerns.

 The band developed the M&M's demand as a means of checking whether the venue was properly honoring the terms of the contract to their satisfaction. Subsequently, if the bowl was missing, or if there were brown M&M's present, they had reason to suspect that the venue might not have honored legitimate technical and safety concerns within the contract. As a result, the band would be within their rights to inspect the technical side of the performance prior to going on stage, and/or request the venue redo their work properly.

A non-white race card plus LGBT card plus Female card, you are a half winner.

As a neither white nor black Asian, it is hard to play the race card, couples of years ago in the US I made an African girl sculpture in a laser-cutting class, just because I thought the African girl looks good.

Then the professor said:" interesting, very interesting." meanwhile I could smell his awkwardness, then he said:” It’s better to put some ethnic jewelry on her like earrings or nose rings to separate African and African-American, or it would be offensive.” 

At the final class, a project which conveyed the political correctness got an A+.



Gender, Power, and '-ism'

In an old Chinese saying:“ It is moral that a woman not to be educated.” Because when women start to think independently, there's no more conservative and obedient, The men are terrified of their failures would be seen.

Nowadays women start to become stronger and competent. But if the power is from anger, it usually deterioration and lead to another side of extremes.

There is a label called "pastoral feminism" in China, which is sarcasm of feminismania who enjoys rights but rejects to undertake corresponding obligations.

The trends of society are always fluctuating, it bounced back and forth from the hypercorrection. 

Why I’m not a feminist? because in my opinion the “-ism” needs to generate healthily and naturally, not from imitation and indignant or be suppressed and trying to classify each other and making a label purposely. Moreover, sometimes people confuse the concept of gender and power.

From a controversial open letter written by French actress Catherine Deneuve: "As women, we don’t recognize ourselves in this feminism that, beyond the denunciation of abuses of power, takes the face of a hatred of men and sexuality. We believe that the freedom to say "no" to a sexual proposition cannot exist without the freedom to bother. And we consider that one must know how to respond to this freedom to bother in ways other than by closing ourselves off in the role of the prey."

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