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After my 27th birthday, one of my friends texted me: "Be careful this year, many artists died at their age of 27."

Also many non-artist died at 27 but not well known

Seems death only romanticize the legends

If I met 27club's members, I would bring Jimi his Gibson, tell Cobain his daughter is gorgeous now, and bring Basquiat to the club, "Why only musicians? let's invite all the artists to gather around."

Fortunately, I wouldn't join this club.

Am I too ordinary to die on my 27th?

Instead of 27club, I'd rather join 72club.

And I hope nobody would join this club ever again.

-Werther Effect-

"The increase in the number of suicides after a publicized suicide"

1.Yukiko Okada was a Japanese idol who killed herself at 1986. It resulted in many copycat suicides in Japan.

2. On February 12, 1933, a 19-year-old Japanese school girl named Kiyoko Matsumoto committed suicide by jumping into the active volcanic crater of Mount Mihara, on the island of Izu Oshima.

Kiyoko had developed an infatuation with one of her fellow students named Masako Tomita. Since lesbian relationships were considered taboo in Japanese culture at the time, Kiyoko and Masako decided to travel the volcano so that Kiyoko could end her life there in the lava pit’s hellish temperature of 1200 °C, what she really did.

After Kiyoko's tragic death, this act started a bizarre trend among the Japanese, and in the following year, 944 people including 804 men and 140 women leap into the deadly volcanic crater of Mount Mihara to meet their horrible death. Within the next two years, there were reported 350 more suicides at this ominous volcanic point. Out of an irresistible curiosity of human-nature, some visitors would often travel to Mount Mihara only to watch the pathetic scenes of death along with the people's jump. (by mysteriesrunsolved)

Also in many literary works, suicide is a romanticism behavior,

Lovers commit suicide for love;

Young Werther pulled the trigger on his head;

A beautiful girl disappears into the forest and runs to death.

Death comes to young beautiful people makes the story more legend.

People like to watch beautiful things be strangled and have pity on it.

What caused suicide?

All the suiciders might have their reasons,

I can not criticize anyone if I haven't been through it.

Maybe it is the only way they could do to escape from misery.

But please do not instigate and give any romantic meaning to death.

I am happy to see many suicide intervention institutions popped up if you search for relevant keywords.

If unfortunately, the bright star wants to fall,

I would watch the meteor flash the sky and goes to another universe.

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