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​ Gender, Power, and '-ism'

In an old Chinese saying:“ It is moral that a woman not to be educated.” Because when women start to think independently, there's no more conservative and obedient, The men are terrified of their failures would be seen.

Nowadays women start to become stronger and competent. But if the power is from anger, it usually deterioration and lead to another side of extremes.

There is a label called "pastoral feminism" in China, which is sarcasm of feminismania who enjoys rights but rejects to undertake corresponding obligations.

The trends of society are always fluctuating, it bounced back and forth from the hypercorrection.

Why I’m not a feminist? because in my opinion the “-ism” needs to generate healthily and naturally, not from imitation and indignant or be suppressed and trying to classify each other and making a label purposely. Moreover, sometimes people confuse the concept of gender and power.

From a controversial open letter written by French actress Catherine Deneuve: "As women, we don’t recognize ourselves in this feminism that, beyond the denunciation of abuses of power, takes the face of a hatred of men and sexuality. We believe that the freedom to say "no" to a sexual proposition cannot exist without the freedom to bother. And we consider that one must know how to respond to this freedom to bother in ways other than by closing ourselves off in the role of the prey."

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